Looking for products from Haiti?

Close to Lakay – The Perfect Market Place to Shop for Your much needed Haitian products

Are you tired of endlessly searching for Haitian products in your neighborhood, only to be disappointed by your options? Are you over asking your Mom, Tonton, Grandmere, Ma’tant to bring you goodies from their trip back from Haiti? Perhaps you’re living abroad, and crave for something that will make you remember everything about life back at home. Well, worry no more, because ClosetoLakay.com has you covered!

Often, it takes moving away for us to remember how much our family and culture has impacted us and as time goes on, the more we’re away from the things that make us prideful in our heritage, the more we yearn to find the little nuances that can bring these feelings back.

Our goal here at ClosetoLakay.com is to help you reconnect with those feelings by bringing products from our our market to your doorstep!

What Should You Know About Close to Lakay?

The sight of fresh Djon-Djon on our site might have you calling your mom for her recipes, however we also carry a wide selection of Haitian themed and sourced products for your convenience! Items include cooking goods and spices, T-shirts, Sweaters, Phone Cases, and so much more! Popular for our charming gift items and superb customer care, we pride ourselves on being the Haitian diaspora’s hometown marketplace!

Can’t find the items you really wanted?

ClosetoLakay.com also serves as an online concierge servicer! Simply message us and let us know about the product that you’ve been searching for. We’ll find the best vendor who sells it, and return to you with a quote for the product within 24 – 48 hours. Once a price is agreed upon, we’ll purchase, inspect, package and ship the item(s) to you quickly and reliably though DHL and UPS.

Do we accept returns?

Yes, but due to safety reasons, we can’t accept returns on any food related products.

What more should you know?

For the time being, ClosetoLakay.com offers FREE SHIPPING if you purchase items over $50! Isn’t that amazing?

Do you have a special event or want the ideal Haitian gift for your friend or family members? Get in touch with us now! We would be delighted to send some of our items, just for you!

Closetolakay.com was founded with the goal to offer people of the Haitian diaspora a way to find traditional and authentic products. We want our market to make feel more in tuned along with your  culture, even if you are living abroad and cannot find the desired products within your local markets. Closetolakay.com has everything from cooking ingredients like cocoa balls, basmati rice, fresh djon-djon, as well as fashionable clothing items and so much more! If you want to remember what it was like growing up with loved ones, or create your own lifetime memories, Closetolakay.com is the name to call! Continuing culture is our way of spreading our love for Haitians all over the world.

Shop with us today by visiting https://closetolakay.com