New York City’s Best Haitian Restaurants (so far)

Ok, Full disclaimer: no matter what is mentioned in this newsletter, the debate of the best Haitian restaurant in NYC will rage on until the end of time, simply because Haitians will always believe that the best food comes from their own home! Putting this aside, living in NYC has afforded many Haitians with the blessings of choosing from a myriad of Haitian cuisine focused restaurants to cater the different styles and cooking techniques; practiced by the chefs who come from the many provinces in Haiti. Despite how we all feel, the quality and taste of the  Haitian meals range from ‘okay’ to ‘this must be what heaven tastes like.’ Unfortunately, not all of the restaurants in the area can hold themselves to the same pedigree of deliciousness as one another. Therefore, below is a list of the staple restaurants that must be enjoyed (and experienced) if you live or visit NYC and in need of some good recommendations:

  • Good Taste – Queens
  • Zanmi – Brooklyn
  • Grand Champs – Brooklyn
  • Taste the Island – Hempstead
  • Kreyol Taste – Uniondale
  • Kombit – Brooklyn
  • Chloes – Brooklyn
  • Gingerbites – Huntington Station
  • Le Solil – Manhattan
  • Yolie’s – Brooklyn

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